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As A Marketing Professional...
You are facing more than just tough competition in today's marketplace. You must also deal with:
    » Customers who are smarter, more demanding, and less loyal than they once were.
    » Sales opportunities that increasingly hinge on providing integrated total solutions.
    » Product technology that is more complex and that is advancing rapidly.
    » Marketing and selling costs that are rising faster than results.

How do you market and sell effectively - and efficiently - in this business environment? IDG can help you to find the answers!

Gaining Marketplace Advantage...
Our know-how and resources can be focused on a wide range of marketing and sales challenges.

We can help you to:
    » Increase the cost-effectiveness of your marketing and sales programs.
    » Automate the increasingly complex aspects of the selling business.
    » Re-orient your sales force to deliver customized, total solutions.
    » Create the basis for long-term customer relationships.

In short - we help you answer the critical questions that confront you every day as a manager responsible for profitable growth.

If you already have a customer data warehouse, we will help you put it to work for you. If you don't, we will work with you and your IT staff to build an appropriate customer data warehouse or data mart.

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