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Customer 1st! BOOTCAMP
Your CRM Readiness Assessment
Before you spend $5 million or $500,000 or even $50,000 on CRM technology, get a quick read on your organization's readiness. Let IDG deliver for you an honest, brutal barometer reading using our three step "Customer 1st" process.

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» Thinking about launching a major CRM effort?

» Rethinking your present CRM investment strategy?

» Concerned about moving on to the next phase of your CRM plan?

How much do your Customers count?

Step I...Off-site review of published documents
    » Public information
    » mission
    » annual report
    » web site
    » public releases
    » Process information
    » Customer differentiation
    » IT process customer count

Step II...One day on-site "Day in Executive's Life"
    » direct customer interactions
    » eavesdrop on call centers
    » behavior at company meetings
    » "elevator" speeches

Step III...Deliver quick, "no holds" barred recommendations
    » Ready to move ahead
    » Don't even think about it
    » Formal assessment
        - survey management/ employees
        - survey customers
        - benchmark competitors

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Customer 1st! BOOTCAMP - Your CRM Readiness Assessment
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